Be Ridiculous With Your Kids

  • Be ridiculous…fun, silly, not-so-serious…with your kids.
  • Dance in the kitchen…or in the restaurant.
  • Roll the window down and sing loud.
  • Chase your kids…if you do this in public, make sure it’s clear you’re their dad and you’re both having fun.
  • Make up stories and songs.
  • Guaranteed happy memories.

Dads Can Read Too

  • Let your kids see you reading books.
  • Read books to your kids.
  • Have your kids ¬†read to you.
  • Don’t fall asleep while your kids are reading to you…not that I’ve ever done that…okay, maybe once.

Don’t Drive Alone

  • Take one of your kids with you when you run an errand.
  • Don’t go alone.
  • They may not want to go at first, but they’ll engage with you sooner than you think.
  • Talk about whatever they want to talk about.
  • Have fun.