If You Want Your Middle Schooler To Talk To You

  • Your child changes when they go to middle school. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad.
  • There is a way to have a middle schooler who will talk to you…have real conversations with you.
  • Build a deep relationship with your child years before they start middle school.
  • Have a relationship with your 4 year old.
  • Have a 2nd grader who really talks to you.
  • Have a 5th grader who shares with you.
  • Build a two-way relationship…not just a child who listens to you…a child who has conversations with you.
  • An older post about building a relationship with your kid.

Are You Really Paying Attention To Your Kids?

  • Pay attention to their friends.
  • Pay attention to their words.
  • Pay attention to their habits.
  • Pay attention to their clothes.
  • Pay attention to their facial expressions.
  • Pay attention to their bodies.
  • Pay attention to their grades.
  • Pay attention to their music.
  • Pay the most attention to their heart.

What’s Keeping You From Derailing Your Life?

  • Every two weeks, a good friend asks me tough questions. And I ask him the same tough questions.
  • My answers to these questions protect my marriage, my kids, my job, my future, and so much more.
  • I don’t plan to derail any of those things, but I am capable of doing so. So are you.
  • Find someone wise who knows you and will ask you tough questions. It’s not always comfortable, but it’s worth it.
  • The questions we ask each other:
  1. Did you take responsibility for and value your relationship with your wife & kids?
  2. Did you love the people around you?
  3. Have you committed sexual sin?
  4. Have you done anything or are you doing anything that you don’t want other people to find out about?

Value People More Than Being Right

  • This is a problem in my kids because it’s a problem in me.
  • We dads like to be right. We fight loudly and quietly to be right…with our kids, wife, coworkers, boss…
  • So our kids figure out that what matters most is being right.
  • Being right is not what matters most. People matter most. Relationships matter most.
  • Lead your kids…and yourself…to value people more than being right.

Are You Raising Selfish Christian Kids?

  • Too many adult Christians behave like their faith is for them. We spend lots of hours and lots of money as if our faith is for us.
  • So we accidentally teach our kids that their faith is for them.
  • The Bible says that the purpose of our faith is to love…1. God. 2. Other people.
  • Kid faith and adult faith is for God and other people.
  • How can you redirect your own faith so that it is focused on God and other people?
  • How can you teach your kids that their faith is for God and other people?

Are You Scared Of Your Own Kids?

  • Your kids can seem scary. After all, they are updated versions of you. But don’t be scared of them.
  • You’re really not scared of your kids, are you? You’re bigger than them. You’re smarter than them…probably. You’re in charge of them.
  • Do you spend one on one time with each one of your kids? Yes…then stop reading. No…then stop acting scared of them.
  • By not spending one on one time with your kids, you’re saying a whole lot to them…and it’s not good.
  • By the way, your kids are not scary. Others people’s kids are scary.