Just Admit You’re A Pain In The Butt

  • My daughter and I recently did a landscaping project together. It should’ve taken 2 hours max…it took 5 hours.
  • When we were finally finished, I said, “You were a big help. Thank you! I’m sure I was a pain in the butt sometimes.”
  • She agreed…quickly.
  • Sometimes…okay, all the time…it’s better to just admit when you’ve messed up.
  • You’re not surprising anyone. Your kids and your wife already know you messed up.
  • Admitting when you’re a pain in the butt hopefully stops you from doing it again and it makes forgiveness easier for your family.

Be One Man – Don’t Compartmentalize

  • You have lots of roles: dad, husband, coworker, friend, boss, teammate, etc.
  • But you’re one person.
  • In all of your roles, be the same person.
  • Compartmentalizing your life (being a different person in each role) may seem easy and smart.
  • But it leads to a complicated life. And complicated lives don’t go well.
  • Who is the real you?
  • Be one man.

March Madness As A Family

  • I’m sure your brackets are filled out. And by brackets, I mean a bracket for every group, team, and email list you’re a part of.
  • Have your kids filled out their brackets yet?
  • Do a “friendly” family brackets challenge this year.
  • You don’t have to start with the first round. Start with the second round or the Sweet 16.
  • Make sure there’s a good prize for the winner so everyone gets into it.
  • Have fun with it…some nice trash talking, watch the games together, post the brackets in a fun place.
  • And don’t be surprised if you don’t win.

Forgive Your Kids

  • Your child will bite you…when they’re little…well, my daughter bit me.
  • Your child will make unwise choices that disappoint you.
  • Your child will says things to you that hurt your heart.
  • When they’re young, it’s easy to forgive their behavior.
  • As they get older, you will have to forgive them. And that’s not always easy.

Tell Your Kids About Your Tough Times

  • Do your kids know about the tough times in your life…job loss, damaged relationships, death, financial stress, infertility, unwise decisions, etc.?
  • We work so hard to protect our kids from tough times.
  • They need to know life is going to have difficult seasons.
  • And they need to know life is going to be okay even when difficult times happen.
  • Share your stories with your kids.

That’s What Vacation Days Are For

  • Hopefully you work somewhere that pays you not to come to work some days.
  • There’s no honor in seeing how many vacation days you don’t use.
  • Use your vacation days to take a break from work.
  • Use your vacation days to have fun with your kids.
  • Use your vacation days to spend time with your wife.

Parent Each Child Differently

  • My 3 kids (13, 7, & 3)┬ádefinitely look like they belong in the same family, but their personalities are so different.
  • Every child thinks, behaves, talks, processes, responds, etc. differently.
  • Each child is unique, so parent each child uniquely.
  • Be consistent parenting all your kids, but parent each child the way they need to be parented.
  • You’ll be a better parent for it.
  • And you’ll end up with a stronger relationship with each child.