What Triggers You To Overreact?

  • We dads can overreact and blow up at our family in ways that even surprise ourselves.
  • Sometimes it feels like there is no good reason for how we overreact. But maybe there are good reasons.
  • We all have unique triggers that can cause us to respond this way.
  • Do you know your triggers? Start paying attention to what happens and how you feel right before you overreact.
  • In the future, recognize those situations and feelings before they happen or when they’re happening and avoid overreacting.
  • In the spirit of transparency, here are my triggers:
    • When I am hungry.
    • When I am tired.
    • When I am distracted by stress.
    • When there are financial issues.
    • “Big” conversations after 9pm.
    • When I feel disrespected.

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