A Dad’s Job Description During The Summer Trip

  • Do your best to lessen the tension during packing. Why are tensions high during that time, anyway?
  • Your family is used to some type of schedule or routine. As much as possible, help everyone stay close to it.
  • Don’t be rigid about sticking to your schedule, though.
  • Help your wife and child do what they enjoy best…swim in the pool, play on the beach, jump the waves, read, ride bikes, etc.
  • Make sure everyone uses sunscreen. Sunburn can ruin a lot of things. Trust me.
  • Disengage from work.
  • Play with your family doing what they enjoy doing. Have fun!
  • Thank God for your family.

I Don’t Always Feel Like Saying Yes

  • Asking your child to spend time with you is a big deal.
  • Your child asking you to spend time with them is an even bigger deal.
  • The problem is they usually don’t ask you to do things you want to do…or they ask you at the wrong time.
  • It’s normal to not always feel like saying “Yes.” to your child when they ask you to do something.
  • But it’s important that “Yes.” be your default answer when they do.
  • Spending time with your child on their terms makes them feel valued and loved and deepens your relationship with them.

Be A Rule Bender

  • Kids need rules and boundaries and schedules. It’s good for them today and sets them up for future success.
  • And your child needs you to enforce the rules and boundaries and schedules.
  • But your child also needs to see you bend those things from time to time.
  • At the right time, when it’s the right thing to do for your relationship with your child, be a rule bender.
  • Bending is the exception. Not the norm.

Watching The Game With Your Drinking Buddies Doesn’t Count

  • Nothing wrong with spending time with “the guys” and watching the game.
  • Sure, it’s fine to have those neighbors you enjoy hanging out with.
  • But are you doing life with some other guys?
  • Are there guys who know the real you…the good and the bad?
  • Are there guys you can have meaningful conversations with?
  • Are there guys who are helping you become a better man, husband, and dad?
  • Does your child know it’s important to you to have other guys walking alongside of you through life?

See Yourself As A Good Dad

  • Fair or unfair / right or wrong, perception often is reality…including self-perception.
  • Too many dads secretly think they don’t have what it takes to be a good dad.
  • How you perceive yourself as a parent often becomes reality.
  • You have what it takes to be the best dad for your child.
  • Believe you can be the best dad for your child.
  • Every day or week or month take one step toward being a better dad.