Teach Your Child That Life Is Not Fair

  • “It’s not fair!” Sound familiar?
  • Life is not fair.
  • Bad things will happen to you and your child that are not fair.
  • Good things will happen to you and your child that are not fair.
  • Talk to your child about how to live in a world that is not fair.
  • Talk to your child about how to respond well to life when it is not fair.

Touch Your Wife

  • Touch your wife in front of your child.
  • Yep…that kind of touching.
  • Keep it PG.
  • Don’t do something that will cause your child to need counseling one day.
  • It’s one way to show your child that you love your wife…which produces positive consequences in your child’s life.
  • It’s also known to have possible positive consequences in your marriage too. Wink.

Your Child Doesn’t Know You’re Not A Great Dad

  • Your child doesn’t know a lot of things. Believe it or not, they actually think you’re a great dad.
  • Most dads don’t think they’re great dads. We know the real us.
  • Your child gives you a whole lot more credit than you think you deserve for being a great dad.
  • The credit your child gives you buys you some time to work on being a great dad…and to keep getting better at being a dad.
  • One day they will not just give you credit for being a great dad. By then, you can be a great dad.
  • As a friend of mine says…”Fake it till you make it.”

Four Dads Opinions On How Much Time You Should Spend With Your Kids

  • “I think the most important thing is to always be involved in every aspect of their [his kids] life.” – Mark Wahlberg
  • “Fatherhood is mostly defined by moments.” – Mark Warren
  • “I had defined a single bottom line: Be there for him [his son]. Turns out I’m not a good sports dad – I’m big and loud and full of crap. But I’m there.” – Scott Arab
  • “Life is short. Let them [your kids] waste your time, because it’s not a waste of time. It’s a bond.” – Tom Silva
  • All the quotes are from the June/July 2014 “Fatherhood” issue of Esquire Magazine.

What Esquire Magazine Taught Me About Being A Dad

  • “The new father is not so shallow nor so old fashioned. Only the truly lost man would want to return to his grandfather’s way of life. Who would want to go back to the bad food, the boring sex, the isolation? Who would want to be financially responsible for a family and then never see them? The new fatherhood is a huge gain for men, the chance for a deeper intimacy, a whole new range of pleasures and agonies, a fuller version of our humanity.”
  • “The problem isn’t bullying coaches. The problem is all the men who aren’t coaching. The problem isn’t the various inevitable failures of the men who show up. The problem is the men who don’t show up.”
  • “The new fatherhood requires intelligence. It requires judgment. The new fatherhood is messy. It will have to be.”
  • All the quotes are from Stephen Marche in the June/July 2014 “Fatherhood” issue of Esquire Magazine.

Your Marriage Is More Important Than Your Parenting

  • Too many dads are great at being dads and less-than-great at being husbands.
  • While parenting is a challenge, ultimately your child makes their own decisions and is their own person.
  • Your child (who they are and what they do) is a likeness of who you are.
  • Your marriage is a direct reflection of who you are.
  • The interesting thing, though, is when you get your marriage right, you often get your parenting right-er.

More Is More But It’s Not Always A Good More

  • It seems like we think that if our child does more, they will be more successful or happy or something.
  • More does lead to more. But the more it leads to is not always good…more activities, more time consumed, more stress, more excuses, more money…
  • Less can lead to more too…more relationships, more available time, more energy, more focus, more meals together…
  • How can you do less that will lead to more? The good more.