Do You Make Your Child Earn Your Love?

  • Does your child feel loved by you even when they are not behaving like you want them to?
  • If behavior determines how loved your child feels, you no longer have a child, you have a performer.
  • A child who feels unconditional love from their dad will be strong and successful…now and in the future.

Your Actions Trumps Your Intentions

  • Your child does not know (or really care) what you meant to do or meant to say.
  • They know what you did.
  • They know what you said.
  • Your actions trump your intentions every time.

If A Grandfather Could Get A Redo As A Dad

  • My friend John Woodall (10+ grandkids and counting) says if you have a kid under the age of 10 you should triple your positive words and actions into their life.
  • Your child has so many negative words and actions fired at them. Too many come from us dads.
  • They need life-giving words and actions directed toward them. When they come from us dads, their significance is magnified.
  • What if your child entered their second decade with no doubt that their dad loved them and was for them?
  • What loving, encouraging, life-giving words can you triple into your child’s life?
  • What loving, encouraging, life-giving actions can you triple into your child’s life?

Help Your Child Lose Well

  • We…kids and dads…lose more than we win.
  • Fortunately, our kids will hardly notice many of their losses. But some are significant.
  • Share your losses (the small and the big ones) with your child.
  • Share with them how you handled your losses well and not so well.
  • Help them know that sometimes their losses will be their fault. Sometimes they won’t be.
  • Talk to them about responding to a loss with a positive attitude so they can recover faster and better.
  • Teach them that the most important areas of life to avoid losing in are relationships, faith, and family.