Don’t Coach Your Child From The Stands

  • At some point, your child will probably play a sport…for at least one season.
  • If you’re the coach on the sideline, coach well.
  • If you’re the dad in the stands, cheer loud.
  • Don’t coach your child from the stands.
  • Encourage your child (and their team) from the stands.

Give Your Child Permission To Act Their Age

  • We dads can tend to expect our children to act older than they really are.
  • If your child is 4 years old, give them permission to act like a 4 year old.
  • Don’t get mad when your 13 year old does not act like a 25 year old.
  • Your child is a child. Let them be a child.
  • They will be an adult too soon.

Help Your Wife

  • Your wife wants your help.
  • Help with routine tasks. Help at bedtime. Help at dinner. Help with errands.
  • Your child notices how much or how little you help.
  • How much or how little you help your wife will tell your child a lot about men.
  • Now sure how to help? Just ask her.

Your Energy Is Better Than Your Time

  • We often measure our parenting by time….how much time we give or don’t give our child.
  • But…we’re all too aware that we cannot control time.
  • What if we measured our parenting by our energy…our focus and engagement with our child?
  • What do you think…Would your child rather have 30 minutes of your focus and engagement or 60 minutes of just your time?
  • You control how much energy you give each person and situation throughout your day.
  • You decide if you save some of your focus and engagement for your child each day.