Be Careful Not To Discourage Your Child

  • When we dads discourage our children, something happens in the child’s heart.
  • Discouraging your child is not the same as disciplining or challenging them.
  • Discouragement darkens a child’s heart.
  • Discouragement removes hope.
  • Discouragement is hard to recover from.
  • Yes, discipline and challenge. But encourage their heart.

Your Secrets Are Hurting Your Child

  • “A parent with secrets or a secret life will not create an environment of openness in the home.” – Andy Stanley in Enemies of the Heart
  • Your child may not know your secrets, but they know when you have secrets.
  • Is there a climate of openness in your home?
  • As your child grows older, your desire to have a climate of openness increases.
  • Getting your secrets out of the darkness in an appropriate way will help your child and help you.
  • Model a life of no secrets.

Help Your Wife Have A Good Relationship With Your Child

  • Years from now, you want your child to want to come home.
  • If your child has a meaningful relationship with your wife, there’s a better chance they’ll want to come home.
  • Set up your wife today to have a meaningful relationship with your child.
  • Free up some of her time to have fun with your child.
  • Help her schedule one on one time with your child.
  • Step in and fight some of her fights for her.

Help Your Child Beat Perfectionism

  • Does your child have unrealistic expectations of themselves? Then maybe you have a child who is a perfectionist.
  • How do you handle your own failures in front of your child?
  • Are your words or actions putting unrealistic expectations on your child?
  • Does your child feel loved unconditionally by you?
  • Your child sees their failures as the end of the world. Help them see their failures as a small part of their big story.