Want To Know How God Views You?

  • You know how much┬álove you feel when you think about your child?
  • You know how you enjoy just watching your child play?
  • You know how protective you get when a threat comes near your child?
  • You know how badly you want your child to succeed?
  • You know how intensely you cheer for your child?
  • That’s how God views you.

Be A Better Husband Than Dad

  • If you have to choose…and you will at times…be a better husband.
  • Your child will leave you one day.
  • Your wife is stuck with you until the end.
  • You set your child up for success in life by being a great husband.
  • It’s funny…great husbands are often great dads.
  • But great dads are not always great husbands.

Fight For Your Family

  • Being a dad means fighting for your family.
  • Fight for relationships with your child and wife.
  • Fight for time with your child and wife.
  • Fight for wisdom, love, laughter, trust, respect, etc. in your family.
  • Fight for whatever you need to fight for.
  • No one else will fight for your family.