Be A Better Husband Than Dad

  • If you have to choose…and you will at times…be a better husband.
  • Your child will leave you one day.
  • Your wife is stuck with you until the end.
  • You set your child up for success in life by being a great husband.
  • It’s funny…great husbands are often great dads.
  • But great dads are not always great husbands.

4 thoughts on “Be A Better Husband Than Dad

  1. When it comes to Mastery in Life. We have many things to choose from in both business and in life. I am glad that I have made the choice above all else to master both of the mentioned to be the best Father and to be the best Husband. I never thought about which value would trump the other. Interesting point to ponder as so many husbands and I can imagine divorced dads have in the past.

  2. Jason, thanks for reading and commenting! You make a great point that creates a lot of tension in us dads…we have many things to choose from in life. Prioritizing is the key. Glad I could get you thinking. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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