Knowing The Answer To This Question Will Help You Be A Less Stressed Dad

  • It’s not your typical parenting question. But it’s a question that affects every area of your life…including being a dad.
  • The question: What is my capacity?
  • Capacity = the maximum you can handle.
  • Every dad has a capacity. And every dad’s capacity is different.
  • Your capacity is probably just beyond when you feel tension or stress from everything you’re doing in life.
  • The goal is not to fill up your life to capacity. The goal is to stay below capacity and live with margin.
  • Knowing your capacity helps you say “Yes.” and “No.” to the right things, helps you prioritize all of life’s options, helps you pay attention to the right people and things, and helps you know where you add the most value.
  • What do you need to do to live life under capacity? Do that!

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