What Your Child Thinks That You Think About Them Is A Big Deal

  • My dad is for me.
  • My dad loves me no matter what.
  • My dad is my biggest fan.
  • My dad and I are on the same team.
  • If your child truly believes these things…
    • conflicts between you and your child are resolved easier.
    • the relationship between you and your child is stronger.
    • your child is more confident.
    • your child trusts you in the tough times.
  • What can you do to make sure your child knows you think these things about them?

Your Child Would Be Happy If You Just Did This One Thing

  • Every child at every age wants one thing from their dad.
  • They want to know that you’re watching them.
  • “Watch me!” “Did you see me?” Sound familiar?
  • Make eye contact with your child.
  • Put your eyes on them…and keep your eyes on them.
  • How would your childhood (and even your adulthood now) have been different if you felt like your dad watched you?

Self-Controlled Dads Can Be Trusted

  • Self-controlled dads can be trusted.
  • Self-controlled dads think before they act and control their impulses and appetites.
  • Self-controlled dads regulate their…
    • emotions
    • desires
    • words
    • behavior
  • Self-controlled dads are predictable. And predictability strengthens the relationship between a dad and his child.

Bed Time Can Be Some Of Your Most Valuable Time With Your Child

  • Your child’s bed time is not the last task of the day to be completed.
  • Bed time can be some of your most valuable time with your child.
  • Bed time is relationship time.
  • Bed time is a time to help your child feel safe and secure about their world.
  • Create a routine at bed time…and make sure you’re an important part of that routine.
  • What can you do?
    • Talk to your child.
    • Listen to your child.
    • Play with your child.
    • Snuggle with your child.
    • Pray for your child.
    • Read to your child.