Don’t Let Your Fears Become Your Child’s Fears

  • Do you know what you’re afraid of?
  • Your child can pick up on, and even take on, your fears…if you’re not careful.
  • They will naturally develop their own fears.
  • Help them face their fears..not your fears.
  • Work to lessen your fears.

How To Make Dates With Your Wife Better

  • When you’re on a date with your wife, get to know her better.
  • Use your time at home to talk about your child, your day, stresses, etc.
  • The best way to get to know someone better is to ask great questions.
  • Closeness, love, friendship, and intimacy don’t just happen.
  • Below are some resources that will give you some ideas of great questions. Yes, it’s ok to get some help.
  • If you need more help, Google something like “what to talk about on a date with your wife.”

Marriage Converstion Starters (from All Pro Dad)

Sex Questions For Married Couples (from Ted Cunningham…this document is not G rated)

Ten Questions To Ask Your Wife Every Year (from All Pro Dad)

Dads Need To Laugh At Themselves

  • Let’s be honest…even when we dads are serious, we’re actually pretty funny.
  • It’s good for us to laugh at ourselves from time to time. Actually, a lot of the time.
  • And let’s be honest…our child is probably laughing at us from time to time…maybe a lot of the time.
  • Check out this @trippandtyler video called Poo-Poo Parents Say and see how many of these you’re guilty of.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Your Child Needs A Break From You

  • Your child needs you, but they also need a break from you.
  • Give them an opportunity to be sad to see you go and happy to see you return.
  • Teach your child to trust, interact with, and be okay around other people.
  • Even when they’re too young to understand what’s going on, your child needs to know what it’s like to spend time with people who are not their parents.
  • Schedule some time this week to give your child a break from you.
  • Oh yeah, there just might be some benefits for you too.