How To Be A Patient Dad

  • Being a patient dad is not about waiting less…it’s about waiting well.
  • We’re usually impatient because someone is not doing what we want when we want. Sounds kinda selfish, doesn’t it?
  • An impatient dad shows up as hurrying others / controlling (or trying to control) others / acting annoyed or bothered.
  • A patient dad shows up as kind / helpful / wise.
  • Patience is really about endurance. You have to intentionally put effort into becoming more patient.
  • A dad working on patience creates more time margin for himself and those around him / changes his expectations / works on himself before he works on others.

What To Do When Your Child Hurts Your Feelings

  • Yes, dads have feelings. We’ll keep that just between us.
  • It’s okay to admit that your child hurt your feelings.
  • If your child can control some of their body movements or say words, they are capable of hurting your feelings.
  • Talk about it with your child. “It hurt my feelings when…” You’re probably making them aware of something they never thought of.
  • Forgive them in your heart. Forgive them out loud in front of them.
  • Communication and forgiveness pave the way to a great relationship.

How To Make Better Decisions For Your Child

  • You will make thousands of decisions for your child as they grow up.
  • These decisions affect the decisions your child will make and the adult they will become.
  • If we’re really honest with ourselves, we often make these decisions based on…
    • fear
    • comparison
    • how you feel right now
    • expectations of others
    • keeping up with the {you know the family we’re talking about}
  • Decisions based on in-the-moment emotions are not the best decisions.
  • Decisions based on a preferred destination are better decisions.
  • What is your preferred destination for your child?
  • Knowing where you want them to end up will make your decisions today easier.

A Dad’s Role In Back To School

  • Some kids love school and some kids…well, not so much.
  • Dads offer a different kind of voice into each transition / season of life…including back to school.
  • Celebrate new teachers, new friends, new school supplies, new clothes, new schedules, etc.
  • Celebrate familiar friends, familiar buildings, familiar bus rides, familiar lunches, familiar routine, etc.
  • Over-communicate how much you believe in their ability to learn and be a great friend to their classmates.
  • Pray out loud with them about all this stuff…and the stuff they are nervous about.
  • Oh yeah…cake is a great way to celebrate just about anything.