It Should Not Be Difficult To Be Your Child

  • It should not be difficult to be your child…regardless of the age of your child.
  • What pressure does your child feel from you?
  • What expectations do you place on your child?
  • Do your words set them up for success or failure?
  • Do you frustrate your child?
  • The answers to these questions determine your present and future relationship with your child.

Don’t Frustrate Your Child

  • Dads are better than moms at some things. Seriously…we are. Stop laughing moms.
  • Unfortunately, one of those things is frustrating our child.
  • Yes, we all will frustrate our child from time to time. We’re not perfect.
  • But a dad who consistently frustrates their child is a serious matter.
  • How can you know if you consistently frustrate your child? Your child…
    • has growing resentment towards you.
    • asks you to stop pushing their buttons.
    • is emotionally exhausted around you.
    • is angry when you’re nearby.
    • always seems irritated.
  • None of the signs above leads to the type of relationship we want with our child now or in the future.

Are You A Dad With An Addiction?

  • An addiction cannot be stopped…or so it feels.
  • An addiction controls you…even though you might think you control it.
  • An addiction is kept a secret…from someone.
  • Your addiction is affecting your relationship with your child.
  • It may prevent a future relationship with your child.
  • If you are a dad with an addiction…
    • Get it out of the darkness and into the light…tell someone who will help you get help.
    • Get help…you cannot stop on your own.
    • Realize your addiction has consequences.
    • Ask for forgiveness.
    • Realize it will take time, effort, and changes to stop your addiction.
  • If you know a dad with an addition, help them today!

Be Someone Who Is Easy To Be Married To

  • Your marriage directly affects your parenting, so do everything you can to have a great marriage.
  • Avoid drama in your life.
  • Prevent conflict as much as you can.
  • Resolve conflict as fast as possible.
  • Don’t keep your thoughts and actions a secret from your spouse.
  • Be kind.
  • Laugh with your spouse.

Is Saying “That’s Just Who I Am.” Hurting You?

  • Ever said or thought, “That’s just who I am.”?
  • We usually use “That’s just who I am.” as a way to explain something we just did…that we know we should not have done.
  • Maybe that is who you are. But that does not mean it’s okay to be that way.
  • You expect your child’s actions and words to improve as they grow older. Why not yours?
  • Don’t settle for an average version of yourself.
  • Be an improved and improving version of yourself.
  • What can you do to remove this excuse from your life…”That’s just who I am.”?