How To Make 2016 A Better Year…Without Losing Weight Or Hitting The Gym

  • The first couple of weeks in January are the time of year when we think most about improving ourselves.
  • We tend to focus on looking better and feeling better because we can get results faster and others notice. But…
    • age eventually wins the battle for our looks.
    • feelings always come and go.
  • What if you focused on being a better man this year? It’ll take more work. It may be a while before others notice. But the results can last a lifetime.
  • Being better means improving who you are. You can become more…
    • empathetic
    • transparent
    • self-aware
    • patient
    • assertive in your communication
    • attentive in your listening
    • confident
    • humble
    • Ask yourself (and maybe those around you): “What about me needs to change so I am a better man?”
  • Becoming a better man makes you a better dad, husband, boss, coworker, friend, etc. It affects everyone around you.

A Dad’s Job Description During Christmas Vacation

  • Figure out who or what causes stress for your family…and run interference.
  • Help your wife do whatever she needs to do.
  • Play with your child.
  • Hang out with your wife…when your child is not in the room.
  • Help your family have fun.
  • Help your family make memories.
  • Help your family share some meaningful moments.
  • Thank God for Jesus…out loud…a lot.

Create Meaning That Matters This Christmas

  • What is your favorite Christmas food, song, gift, memory, place, etc? You have an answer to these things because each thing holds special meaning in your life. The meaning you feel today probably originated years ago when you were a child.
  • Don’t rush through the time you spend with your child this Christmas. Some of the activities, events, moments, etc. you’re experiencing with your child are creating meaning for them in the future.
  • The things that hold special meaning for us often are because of the people we connect to those things. The person, more than the actual activity or object, gives the moment meaning.
  • There is a lot more happening than you realize when you look at Christmas lights, eat those cookies, watch that movie, put ornaments on the tree, etc.

6 Ways To Make This Christmas Less Stressful For You

  • Q: Why does the Christmas season feel more stressful?
  • A: You have less margin (free space) in your schedule, finances, patience, etc.
  • Less Margin = More Stress
  • Want some ways to make this Christmas less stressful?
  1. Do some things for your family that you normally do not do…shop, bake, plan, etc. Reducing your spouse’s stress will reduce your stress.
  2. Spend the majority of your time with your family. Schedule time to do things with just your family…look at Christmas lights, stay home and watch a Christmas movie, stay home and do nothing, etc.
  3. Spend less money. It’s possible.
  4. Don’t say yes to every invitation you receive. They’ll still be your friend after the holidays.
  5. Keep up your healthy habits…exercise, eat well, read, etc.
  6. Focus on people more than stuff.