How To Make 2016 A Better Year…Without Losing Weight Or Hitting The Gym

  • The first couple of weeks in January are the time of year when we think most about improving ourselves.
  • We tend to focus on looking better and feeling better because we can get results faster and others notice. But…
    • age eventually wins the battle for our looks.
    • feelings always come and go.
  • What if you focused on being a better man this year? It’ll take more work. It may be a while before others notice. But the results can last a lifetime.
  • Being better means improving who you are. You can become more…
    • empathetic
    • transparent
    • self-aware
    • patient
    • assertive in your communication
    • attentive in your listening
    • confident
    • humble
    • Ask yourself (and maybe those around you): “What about me needs to change so I am a better man?”
  • Becoming a better man makes you a better dad, husband, boss, coworker, friend, etc. It affects everyone around you.

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