4 Ways To Make Spring Break Fun…Even For You

  • Take a day or two or three off. Unplug from work. Let your child know that you’re not working because they’re not in school.
  • Plan fun. Do something fun…at home, away from home, who cares. Just do something that makes everyone smile and laugh.
  • Go outside. Do something outside. It’s Spring!
  • Do something that is fun for you. It’s okay to do it alone.

The 1 Thing Every Dad Needs To Bring Home From Work

  • Intentionality.
  • We use intentionality throughout our day at work…to lead your team, to get what we want, to accomplish that goal, to have that meeting, to check that task off our to-do list, etc.
  • Many of us dads leave our intentionality at work and come home only to become passive.
  • When we’re passive, we become a spectator to the most important work and investment we will ever have…our family.
  • Choose to be intentional at home in…
    • all relationships.  Don’t just live together in the same house…never stop improving your relationship with each person in your house.
    • your words. Use words that are meaningful and build the other person up.
    • the destination of each person. No, don’t try to control anyone’s future. But do help them become the best version of themselves they can be.
    • creating the temperature of your home. Pick a word (warm, fun, safe, relational, comfortable, etc.) that you want others to use when describing your home, and make sure your home feels that way.

The Perfect Age To Have The Sex Talk With Your Child

  • We talked to our daughter about sex when she was six years old in the first grade…thanks to a neighborhood kid who enjoyed talking about sex.
  • She’s 14 now and about to go into high school…and we’ve talked to her about sex more times than any of us can count.
  • There is no such thing as the perfect age to talk to your child about sex.
  • Avoid at all costs having “the talk.” Instead, have an ongoing conversation with your child about sex.
  • Talk honestly with them and answer their questions. Don’t talk over their head. And don’t scare them.
  • Be ready for these conversations before they are ready. Some of them will happen when you least expect it and some will happen because you initiate them.
  • And dads…talk to your son and daughter about sex.

4 Ways To Make Your Child Smile Without Buying Them Something

  • Be funny. Ok, not every dad is necessarily a fun dad, but every dad can be funny. Don’t believe me? Just start dancing the next time music comes on.
  • Do the unexpected. Ok, not every dad is spontaneous, but every dad can surprise their child. Planned surprises are just as good as spontaneous surprises.
  • Brag on them in front of them. While your child is listening, tell someone about something they do really well.
  • Give them a challenge they can overcome. Make it something difficult, yet achievable…their age will be a big factor. And celebrate with them when they conquer the challenge.

4 Ways To Screw Up Your Child

  • Talk down to your child. A child who feels like they have no value treats themself and lets others treat them like they have no value.
  • Don’t spend time with your child. A child who lacks a relationship with one of the two most important people in their life will attempt to replace this significant relationship with someone not designed to fill it.
  • Let your child disrespect you. A child who does not respect authority will have a difficult life.
  • Give your child everything they want. A child who gets everything they want is headed for a life consumed with themselves.

Volunteer At Your Child’s School

  • Your child’s school probably makes it easy for dads to volunteer. Just ask.
  • Take a day away from work and volunteer in their class and around the school. Eat a school lunch. If you get lucky, they’ll let you volunteer in PE class…my favorite.
  • Give high fives out like they’re candy. But don’t actually give out candy.
  • Get to know your child’s friends…put a face to each name you hear about at home.
  • Have a conversation with their teacher.
  • Two promises:
    • Your child will love having you there.
    • You will be exhausted and have a new appreciation for educators.