The 1 Thing Every Dad Needs To Bring Home From Work

  • Intentionality.
  • We use intentionality throughout our day at work…to lead your team, to get what we want, to accomplish that goal, to have that meeting, to check that task off our to-do list, etc.
  • Many of us dads leave our intentionality at work and come home only to become passive.
  • When we’re passive, we become a spectator to the most important work and investment we will ever have…our family.
  • Choose to be intentional at home in…
    • all relationships.  Don’t just live together in the same house…never stop improving your relationship with each person in your house.
    • your words. Use words that are meaningful and build the other person up.
    • the destination of each person. No, don’t try to control anyone’s future. But do help them become the best version of themselves they can be.
    • creating the temperature of your home. Pick a word (warm, fun, safe, relational, comfortable, etc.) that you want others to use when describing your home, and make sure your home feels that way.

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