Are You A Safe Place For Your Child?

  • At every age and stage, your child needs to see you as a safe place.
  • A child who feels like their dad is a safe place is a child who feels protected and confident.
  • Be a safe place for your child to…
    • tell the truth.
    • be themselves.
    • cry.
    • tell on themselves and others.
    • express emotions without consequences.
  • Being a safe place for your child takes restraint, patience, empathy, and a great relationship. It ain’t easy.

3 Ways To Prevent Your Child From Being “That Kid”

  • You know “that kid.” The child other parents talk about. And not because the child is so awesome.
  • Of course, “that kid” is not your child. It’s always someone else’s child.
  • But what can you do to make sure your child doesn’t become “that kid?” Teach your child:
    • Respect. If your child respects others with their words and actions, they will avoid the title of “that kid.”
    • Self-control. No child can practice complete self-control (no dad can either), but help your child be less impulsive.
    • Fun. Help your child be someone who others enjoy being around.
  • The goal is not perfection. No child is perfect…and no dad is perfect. It’s not possible.

Homeschool, Private School, or Public School?

  • Where / how your child goes to school is about way more than education.
  • Where / how your child goes to school is about influence. Friends, teachers, the school’s culture, etc. will have a significant influence on them. And it’s also where your child will exert a significant amount of influence on others.
  • When making this decision, your goal should not be to have the smartest child.
  • When making this decision, your goal should be to have a child who knows how to…
    • learn.
    • build relationships with those who are different from them.
    • be intentional with their influence.
    • develop a faith of their own.
    • lead and follow others.
    • problem solve and thrive through challenges.
  • Don’t base this decision on your fears, your comparisons, or your past mistakes.
  • There will be good and bad consequences to your decision…no matter what you decide.
  • If you care…our kids go to public school.

5 Ways To Make Great Memories With Your Child

  • Do something surprising! Don’t let them see it coming.
  • Do something that takes time! Being together for a long period of time often makes the best memories.
  • Do something they would never expect you to do! Don’t be predictable all the time.
  • Do something big! See if you can get a “Wow!” out of them.
  • Do something over and over! Start a tradition and stick to it.