3 Ways To Make This Summer Your Best Summer

  • The end of school / start of summer means the start of a new season for your family.
  • Seasons begin and end whether we want them to or not…whether we’re ready or not.
  • Embrace every season.
  • This summer…
    1. find a new pace…alter something about your schedule.
    2. have a new conversation…ask a new question, talk about something new.
    3. do a new activity…try something you’ve never tried.

Are You For Or Against Your Child?

  • Unfortunately, most dads are known for what and who they are against. We say things like “Don’t…” “Stop…” “You can’t…” “You shouldn’t…” “No.”
  • In our effort to protect, we actually make our child feel like we’re against them.
  • Be for your child! Most importantly, make sure your child feels like you are for them.
  • Being for your child does not mean you always say “Yes.”
  • Being for your child means you…
    • want the best for them in every situation.
    • prioritize them.
    • love them regardless of their behavior.
    • let them try things.
    • are always there for them no matter what.
    • explain the why behind the “Don’t…” “Stop…” “You can’t…” “You shouldn’t…” “No.”
    • have conversations with them when they feel like you’re against them.

For The Love…Keep Score And Teach Your Child To Lose

  • It’s important to raise a confident child who believes they are valuable and capable.
  • It’s also important to raise a child who can deal with loss and disappointment in a healthy way.
  • Put your child in situations where…
    • someone is keeping score.
    • not every person gets a trophy or award.
    • they will win some and lose some.
    • they will disagree with the refs or judges.
  • It’s okay if your child walks away from a sports season, musical class, etc. and realizes they are not good at that activity…or someone else is better than they are.
  • A child who knows how to deal with loss and disappointment becomes an adult who knows how to deal with loss and disappointment.
  • Loss and disappointment do not discriminate.

A Different Kind Of Discipline When Your Child Does Something Bad

  • Your child will do bad things. Yes, your child is normal.
  • When they do something bad, of course, you want them to stop doing that bad thing. What you really want is for them to actually move away from…in the opposite direction from…that bad thing.
  • When our child does something bad, we usually respond with one (or more) of the following…spanking, time out, a look, a speech, yelling, grounding, etc.
  • What if we disciplined our child with kindness? Could that work?
  • Kindness is not the same as being nice. Kindness is different…
    • Loving your child even when they do something bad.
    • Telling them the truth.
    • Being for your child even when they do something bad.
    • Allowing the consequences of their bad actions to happen.
  • Your kindness can lead your child to move away from…in the opposite direction from…that bad thing they are doing.