Are You For Or Against Your Child?

  • Unfortunately, most dads are known for what and who they are against. We say things like “Don’t…” “Stop…” “You can’t…” “You shouldn’t…” “No.”
  • In our effort to protect, we actually make our child feel like we’re against them.
  • Be for your child! Most importantly, make sure your child feels like you are for them.
  • Being for your child does not mean you always say “Yes.”
  • Being for your child means you…
    • want the best for them in every situation.
    • prioritize them.
    • love them regardless of their behavior.
    • let them try things.
    • are always there for them no matter what.
    • explain the why behind the “Don’t…” “Stop…” “You can’t…” “You shouldn’t…” “No.”
    • have conversations with them when they feel like you’re against them.

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