Your Job Influences How You Parent

  • I read a great article in Harvard Business Review called Being A Parent Made Me A Better Manager, And Vice Versa. I wondered about the “vice versa” part.
  • Whether you work for a great company or a not-so-great company, you spend the majority of your time at work. Your work greatly influences how you parent. Make sure your work is making you a better dad.
  • I’m really fortunate to work for a strong organization. It’s not perfect. But as a friend once said, “A bad day here is better than a good day somewhere else.”
  • I wondered…How does my job influence me as a dad?
    • I now take all the time I have to make a decision.
    • I’ve learned to see the present and the future at the same time.
    • I’ve learned every person is messy…including me.
    • I understand that some things are tensions to manage, not problems to solve.
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Should Being A Dad Make You Better At Your Job?

  • I read this great article from Harvard Business Review called Being A Parent Made Me A Better Manager, And Vice Versa.
  • We spend some of our most meaningful and significant time parenting our child…so parenting should make us better at work.
  • Made me ask myself: Has being a dad made me better at work? Here are some ways I think I’m better at work because I’m a dad…
    • Each person is unique, so I should study and get to know every individual.
    • People are more important than just about anything else.
    • Be flexible…hold my plans loosely.
    • Let people interrupt me and see it as a good thing.
    • Be patient with people and systems.
  • Being a dad has changed me in some good ways. Hopefully those changes show up at work and make me a better coworker, leader, follower, boss, etc.
  • How has being a dad made you better at work?

How To Make This Father’s Day Better Than All The Others

  • Father’s Day is Sunday! That means you will probably be proclaimed the World’s Best Dad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Congratulations…to all of you!
  • Father’s Day gifts range from funny to sweet to awesome to, well, not-so-awesome.
  • This year, though…tell your family to not get you a gift for Father’s Day.
  • Tell them you want to spend one-on-one time with each one of them this Father’s Day.
  • No mug. No tie. No t-shirt. Just time.
  • It could be the gift you actually like…and cherish…and remember…for years to come.
  • Of course, “World’s Greatest Dad” socks would be nice too.

Let Your Child Be Weird

  • No shocker here…dads are weird. You’re weird. I’m weird. Everybody is weird…in more ways than one.
  • Let your child be weird. Help them be comfortable being unique.
  • If she wants to wear a hotdog costume to a princess party, let her. If he wants to wear a football helmet to Publix, let him.
  • The pressure to conform and be like everyone else is strong and will win on many occasions.
  • Appreciate the funny things that make your child unique…what they wear, what they are into, how they think, etc.