Help Your Child Finish This Summer Well

  • Whether you mourn or celebrate the end of summer, make sure it ends well for your child.
  • Take a day off and spend the time doing your child’s favorite summer things.
  • Go for a ride and get an icee, ice cream, or one of their favorite treats.
  • Talk to them about your favorite and their favorite memories from this summer, how they’ve grown since the start of the last school year, and anything else that will make them feel special.
  • Setting up the current season to end well and the next season to begin well will help your child transition smoothly.

How To Help Your Child Have A Better Attitude

  • Your child can go through so many attitude changes in a day that it’s exhausting just trying to keep up.
  • At the youngest age possible, talk to your child about how they choose their attitude.
  • They are not victims of their circumstances…just reacting to everything that happens to and around them. They can change their attitude even when circumstances don’t change or don’t go their way.
  • When you can change their circumstances, don’t! Let them change their attitude first.
  • Celebrate their decision to have a good attitude when it’s not easy to have a good attitude.
  • Oh yeah…if you really want your child to get this, you have to model it for them. Sometimes we’re not very different from our child.

One Thing A Dad Can Do To Make This A Better World For Your Child To Live In

  • None of us have to be taught to elevate ourselves, think we’re right, fight for what we think is right, and look down on those who disagree with us.
  • Without any help, we ask, “What’s best for me?”
  • Life is best lived, though, when our priority is the other person…the person in front of us, next to us, near us, in our thoughts, on TV, etc.
  • We need to learn to ask (and teach our child to ask) “What’s best for you?”
  • When we ask, “What’s best for you?” we act differently, we treat people differently, people feel differently about us, those around us are better, etc.
  • When you ask this question, you do not become a doormat or a victim.
  • The people who do this the best are the leaders we want to follow the most.
  • A new…
    • filter: you not me
    • question: What’s best for you?
    • hashtag: #yourlifematters

Dad-Approved Places To Hide From Your Child…Because Sometimes You Just Need To Hide

  • It’s just us dads here…so let’s be honest. Sometimes we need a few minutes alone…away from our child. And sometimes the only way to be alone is to hide.
  • They hide from us from time to time, so it’s only fair we hide from them…every once in a while. Right?
  • We know it’s best for them…and for us…that we get some alone time.
  • Here are some dad-approved places for us to hide:
    • on the toilet…no shame
    • walking around the yard to see if it needs to be cut
    • cutting the grass
    • taking a trip to the mailbox
    • cleaning the grill
    • walking around the house to make sure it looks okay
    • exercising
    • cleaning out the car
    • taking out the trash
  • Oh yeah! If we’re smart,…and we are…we’ll help mom hide too.