Dad-Approved Places To Hide From Your Child…Because Sometimes You Just Need To Hide

  • It’s just us dads here…so let’s be honest. Sometimes we need a few minutes alone…away from our child. And sometimes the only way to be alone is to hide.
  • They hide from us from time to time, so it’s only fair we hide from them…every once in a while. Right?
  • We know it’s best for them…and for us…that we get some alone time.
  • Here are some dad-approved places for us to hide:
    • on the toilet…no shame
    • walking around the yard to see if it needs to be cut
    • cutting the grass
    • taking a trip to the mailbox
    • cleaning the grill
    • walking around the house to make sure it looks okay
    • exercising
    • cleaning out the car
    • taking out the trash
  • Oh yeah! If we’re smart,…and we are…we’ll help mom hide too.


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