One Thing A Dad Can Do To Make This A Better World For Your Child To Live In

  • None of us have to be taught to elevate ourselves, think we’re right, fight for what we think is right, and look down on those who disagree with us.
  • Without any help, we ask, “What’s best for me?”
  • Life is best lived, though, when our priority is the other person…the person in front of us, next to us, near us, in our thoughts, on TV, etc.
  • We need to learn to ask (and teach our child to ask) “What’s best for you?”
  • When we ask, “What’s best for you?” we act differently, we treat people differently, people feel differently about us, those around us are better, etc.
  • When you ask this question, you do not become a doormat or a victim.
  • The people who do this the best are the leaders we want to follow the most.
  • A new…
    • filter: you not me
    • question: What’s best for you?
    • hashtag: #yourlifematters

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