You Should Know When You’re Going To Be A Bad Dad

  • Every great dad is also a bad dad. Not all the time. Just certain times.
  • The important thing is to know when you’re going to be a bad dad. Whether you realize it or not, you’re predictable.
  • Ask yourself: “When am I a bad dad?”
  • Think about it. Ask your child and wife the question…they can tell you with 100% accuracy.

  • Once you identify when you’re a bad dad, you need a plan to minimize those times or even prevent those times.
  • It’s only fair that I share with you my answers to this question and the plans I have. Here is when I am a bad dad…
    • When I am hungry. So I eat often, and I grab a snack when I feel the “hangries” coming on.
    • When someone in my family is sick. So I work hard to intentionally be patient and helpful.  

    • When we’re packing and loading the car for a road trip. So I try to pack as early as possible, let the family know my plan, and assume something will not go as planned…and be ok with that.

    • When I am driving and another driver does something I dislike. So I try to stay calm and come up with a good reason they’re driving so badly.

    • When I am tired. So I try to go to bed when I feel myself getting tired. Or I do something to bring my energy level back up.
  • Help yourself be a great dad as often as possible.

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