How To Talk To Your Child About Terrorism

  • Terrorism will never go away.
  • At some point, your child will hear about an act of terrorism. They may learn about 9/11 in school. Or they will see images of bloody or dead bodies, explosions, or first responders helping victims online or on TV.
  • Be comfortable talking to your child about the bad things that happen in our world.
  • It’s important for your child to hear from you…
    • People make unwise and bad decisions.
    • People make decisions to hurt other people.
    • Every person (including you and them) is capable of making bad decisions that hurt people.
    • They need to decide to love other people…just like you have.
    • It’s okay to disagree with people.
    • Just because you disagree with someone does not mean you are against them.
    • All people are valuable.
  • When terrorism does happen, help your child understand…
    • It’s okay to be sad.
    • It’s okay to ask questions.
    • It’s okay to not understand the whole situation.
    • It’s good to pray.
    • Find strength in their faith and in their relationships with others.
    • God gives us hope even in bad times.

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