You May Be A Helicopter Parent If…

  • Just in case you are not familiar with the term…a “helicopter parent” is a dad who hovers around / above / next to / their child. My definition.
  • You might be a helicopter dad if you…
    • try to protect your child from every possible risk.
    • are overly interested in every single detail of their life.
    • are involved in every part of their life.
    • view your child as your best friend.
    • cannot let them out of your sight.
    • will not let other adults influence your child.
    • try to resolve every problem / challenge for them.
    • (or someone else) notice your child having ongoing anxious thoughts / feelings.
    • make every decision for your child.
  • So what do you do if you’re a helicopter dad? Stop it! Ok, maybe it’s not that simple.
  • Ask another dad to help you. Give them permission to tell you when you’re hovering.
  • Take a deep breath, then take one step back. Slowly…one step at a time…stop hovering. Allow them to take risks, make decisions, etc.

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