Why Do We Put More Effort Into Being A Better Leader Than A Better Dad?

  • We read more, listen to more, spend more money, have more conversations, spend more time in an attempt to be a better leader…more than a better dad. Why?
  • The quick answer…it’s easier to be a good leader than it is to be a good dad. We pick the easy route.
  • We can fake being a good leader at work. We can’t fake being a good dad at home.
  • We can become a good leader pretty fast. It takes time to become a good dad.
  • We get attention when we’re a good leader. We are hardly recognized when we’re a good dad.
  • Being a good dad is more fragile than being a good leader.
  • At work…we’re seen as a good leader because of a title. Because we influence people’s future. Because we chose who we work with. Because we have a specific task we accomplish. Because people like us.
  • At home…the real us comes out. We cannot hide behind a title or a task or popularity. We can coach our child’s team or attend every recital and appear to be a good dad, but everything is not always at it appears…and our child knows it.
  • One day…another good leader will come along and replace you at work.

  • One day…no one will replace you as your child’s dad.
  • What if we…
    • put down the leadership book and read a book about being a better dad?
    • sit down with a friend and talk about being a better dad?
    • put more thought into how we can be a better dad than a better leader?
    • found a mentor who is a better dad than we are?

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