Teach Your Son Not To Talk Disrespectfully About Girls…aka Stop The Locker Room Talk

  • Yes, boys talk about girls. And the older the boys are, the more disrespectful the talk can get. Not always. But you know what I mean.
  • The older a boy gets, the more he wants to appear to be…
    • a big shot.
    • in control.
    • stronger.
    • dominant.
  • There’s nothing wrong with this…it’s actually normal…as long as it’s directed in a positive way and used for good.
  • Words are never just words.
    • Our words become our thoughts, which become our actions.
    • Our words describe our past actions.
    • Our words reveal who we really are.
  • When our boys talk about girls in a disrespectful way, it…
    • devalues girls.
    • hurts girls.
    • objectifies girls.
    • causes them to treat girls disrespectfully.
  • Raise a son who…
    • does not conform to what others boys are saying / doing.
    • values girls for who they are.
    • becomes a young man who becomes a man who women respect.
    • is different…girls will notice!

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