When That Thing That Bothers You About Your Child Is Really A Reflection Of You In Them

  • When my…
    • 8 yr old son cheered when the QB for the team we really dislike got hurt and had to leave the game.
    • 14 yr old daughter gets defensive when I ask her a simple question.
  • I felt disappointed and frustrated when those two things happened. My first thought was change needs to happen…in them.
  • Then I realized these two actions are reflections of me in them. UGH!
  • When your child does / says something that you disapprove of…but it is reflection of you in them…you still should discipline them, talk to them, correct them.
  • But you should approach the discipline / conversation / correction differently.
  • Be transparent with your child. Let them know that you sometimes do the same thing or that they get that trait from you.
  • Let them know that those words / actions are unacceptable in your life and in their life.
  • Model for them how you are improving your words / actions.
  • But just between us…I hate it when I realize that something my child does that bothers me is actually a reflection of me in them. In those moments, I realize I’m basically an 8 yr old boy or a 14 yr old girl. UGH!

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