How To Help Your Child Not Embarrass You Around Your Family And Friends This Holiday Season

  • During the holidays, you want your child to be on their best behavior when you’re with family and friends. After all, you want their perfect behavior to reflect what a perfect dad you are.
  • But…kids are kids. And they are far from perfect…at least mine are. And kids need to be allowed to be kids. Especially around Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.
  • When your child acts less-than-perfect, your stress level goes up. And when your stress level rises, well, that’s not good for anyone.
  • You feel like you look like a bad dad.
  • Maybe, and this is not always the case, but maybe, we set them up to act less-than-perfect. We set them up to fail.
  • Help your child not embarrass you this holiday season by…
    • not keeping them in one spot for too long.
    • setting realistic expectations in your mind.
    • realizing you cannot control other’s expectations of your child. And don’t care about their expectations.
    • giving your child time to act like a child.
    • giving them permission to be less-than-perfect.
    • limiting the amount of time your child has to act like a mini-adult.
    • making it your goal to create special memories…not pretending to be the perfect dad.
  • Set your child up for success. You and your child will have a better holiday season.

Your Child Should Get Your 2nd Best Energy, Attention, And Shmoopy Words

  • Dads can use word like “obsessed” / “my life” / “mini-me” / “best friend” when it comes to their child.
  • Your child should know you love them unconditionally.
  • Your child should know you are their biggest fan.
  • After all, your only unique role in your entire life is that of your child’s dad.
  • But…your child should be in the #2 spot in your heart…your attention…your energy…your shmoopy words.
  • Your child was an addition to your already existing family…you and your wife.
  • Your child will be a better child and become a better adult if they know you love your wife more than them.
  • And if you don’t love your wife more than your child…that’s worth spending a lot of time, energy, and money to fix.

You Are More Influential Than The President Of The United States

  • The President of the United States is a big deal. Who our President is matters.
  • But you are more influential.
  • You have more influence on your…
    • child…their present and their future.
    • economy…what you tell your money to do, how you spend your money, how you save your money, etc.
    • beliefs…about yourself, other people, God, etc.
    • attitude…about politics, the world, current events, etc.
    • words…you choose every word you speak.
    • actions…you choose everything you do.
    • thoughts…about everything.
  • You influence you, your child, and those around you more than any President ever will.
  • Make sure you’re influencing the best way by asking yourself these questions:
  • What a better world we’d live in if we dads stopped blaming the President and started intentionally influencing.