When To Tell Your Child There Is No Santa Claus

  • We love Santa in our house. But out of the 5 of us who live in our house, only 1 still believes in Santa. Our daughter learned the news when she was around 8 or 9. Our son discovered the news when he was 8. Now our 5 year old stands alone.
  • There is no magic age tqo tell your child about Santa.
  • So when should you do it? When they’re ready…unless they’re getting old enough to know.
  • When your child asks if Santa is real…ask them what they think.
  • When your child asks how Santa does it all in one night…ask them what they think.
  • Gauge their readiness to learn the news by their answers to the questions. You know your child best.
  • Once your child knows,
    • make them feel like a big shot that they know a huge secret.
    • invite them into the fun of Santa…the gifts, the cookies and milk, stockings, etc.
  • Just my opinion…I think your child is old enough to know about Santa before they go into the 6th grade. If they believe in Santa beyond that, it could get messy.

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