Stop Your Child From Embarrassing You Around Your Family And Friends This Christmas

  • Over the next week or so, you want your child to be on their best behavior when you’re with family and friends. After all, you want their perfect behavior to reflect your perfect parenting.
  • But…kids are kids. And they are far from perfect.
  • When your child acts less-than-perfect, your stress level goes up. And when your stress level rises, well, that’s not good for anyone.
  • You feel like you look like a bad parent.
  • Maybe, and this is not always the case, but maybe, you set them up to act less-than-perfect. You set them up to fail.
  • Help your child not embarrass you this Christmas season by…
    • not keeping them in one spot for too long.
    • setting realistic expectations in your mind.
    • realizing you cannot control other’s expectations of your child. And don’t care about their expectations.
    • giving your child time to act like a child.
    • giving them permission to be less-than-perfect.
    • limiting the amount of time your child has to act like a mini-adult.
    • making it your goal to create special memories…not pretending to be the perfect dad.
  • Set your child up for success. You and your child will have a better Christmas.

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