5 Ways To Make Sure Your Child Is Not A Whiner

  1. Teach (and model) your child that what they say and how they say it matters.
  2. Don’t be manipulated (controlled) by their whining.
  3. Don’t reward whining.
  4. Reward calmness.
  5. Listen to your child and respond to them the first time they talk to you.

Choose To Be A Better Spouse Than Parent

  • In most moments, you will default to being a better parent. It’s only natural. That really loud, really cute child of yours will usually win.
  • If you have to choose…and you will have to choose…choose to be a better spouse, though.
  • You set your child up for success by being a great spouse.
    • You give them confidence.
    • You give them safety.
    • You give them something to come back to one day.
    • You model for them the kind of marriage and family they will want one day.
  • Your child will leave you one day.
  • Your spouse is stuck with you until the end.
  • It’s funny…great spouses are often great parents.
  • But great parents are not always great spouses.

Your Family Should Function Like A Super Bowl Caliber Team…Like Our Atlanta Falcons

  • Ok, yes. I’m biased. Our family has been huge Atlanta Falcons fans for years…even when they were losing. But they’re winning now!
  • The Atlanta Falcons are one win away from the Super Bowl. #InBrotherhood has been their focus all season. Read more about it here.
  • This #InBrotherhood bond is a big reason for their success this season. The right players in the right system don’t hurt either.
  • Your family should function like a winning team.
  • What are some beliefs and practices your family can put into place to become a winning team…today and in the future?
    • no one will cheer harder for you than us
    • no one will be for you more than us
    • no one will love you more unconditionally than us
    • no one will pick you up faster when you fail than us
    • no one will tell you the truth faster and better than us
    • no one will help you more than us
  • And you…the dad…have to model every one of these every day.

If Mama Ain’t Happy…There’s Something More Important

  • If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy. True.
  • Also true…If your child ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.
  • It’s hard to be happy when the people around you are not happy.
  • Your responsibility, though, is not to make everyone in your family happy. If you try to do that, good luck! Talk about trying to hit a moving target.
  • Your responsibility is to make sure the relationships around you are as good as they can be.
  • How can you do that consistently? Be able to answer “Yes.” to these questions when it comes to your relationship with your spouse and child:
    • Has all conflicts been resolved in a way that you both feel good about?
    • Have both of you said all that you want to say?
    • Do both of you feel understood by the other?
  • Care more about the relationship than about the current emotion.

Whatever You Do This Year, Do Less

  • Your company, church, homeowner’s association, family, club, school, etc. will do more this year. They will add to and start new things. It’s what we naturally do.
  • Doing more and more makes us feel like we’re accomplishing something..striving for something. And it makes us feel normal.
  • Doing more and more really just makes you busier. You’re doing more on top of what you were already doing.
  • Whatever you do this year, do less!
  • Do less in your own life. Simplify. Focus.
  • Help your child do less. They do not have to be signed up for something.
  • Help your family do less. Make sure you have time that is not scheduled.
  • Stop. Cut. Don’t do. Say no.
  • Thanks Ted Cunningham for mentioning this the other day on Facebook.