Whatever You Do This Year, Do Less

  • Your company, church, homeowner’s association, family, club, school, etc. will do more this year. They will add to and start new things. It’s what we naturally do.
  • Doing more and more makes us feel like we’re accomplishing something..striving for something. And it makes us feel normal.
  • Doing more and more really just makes you busier. You’re doing more on top of what you were already doing.
  • Whatever you do this year, do less!
  • Do less in your own life. Simplify. Focus.
  • Help your child do less. They do not have to be signed up for something.
  • Help your family do less. Make sure you have time that is not scheduled.
  • Stop. Cut. Don’t do. Say no.
  • Thanks Ted Cunningham for mentioning this the other day on Facebook.

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