We Love Creating Big Moments For Our Child…But The Little Moments Win

  • We create some big moments in our child’s life…a big trip, an over-the-top party, tickets to the big game, a phenomenal experience, etc.
  • We want life to be made up of the big moments we create for our child because that is when we shine, we put our best effort in, we are intentional, etc.
  • Many big moments we create end up being special memories. And that’s a good thing.
  • But your child is the sum of all the little moments that happen every day. See this post.
  • Your big moments will never trump the little moments.
  • Create special memories with your child. But put the most effort into the everyday little moments.

Each Little Moment Seems Insignificant But The Sum Of Them Is Monumental

  • Life is made up of thousands of little moments between you and your child.
  • Isolated and at the time…each moment seems insignificant.
    • What you say when your child wakes you up in the middle of the night.
    • How you look at your child when they walk in the room.
    • When you help them tie their shoes.
    • When you take them with you to the grocery store.
    • When you play basketball with them in the driveway.
    • When you make them lunch.
  • But the sum of the little moments is monumental.
  • All the little moments put together affect…
    • how they view themself.
    • how they view and treat others.
    • their emotional health.
    • decisions they will make.
    • the kind of spouse they will be.
    • the kind of parent they will be.
  • There is no way to get every little moment right.
  • The win is knowing every little moment counts and getting more right than wrong.
  • What about the big moments in life? Check out this post.

Being A Sexy Husband Is Much More Difficult Than Being A Sexy Wife

  • Wives, you don’t have it easy in most areas of life. But when it comes to being sexy, you have it easier than husbands. You win!
  • Why do wives have it easier when it comes to being sexy? Men are physically driven, so… A wife just has to look at her husband. Just walk by her husband. Just wake up in the morning. Just ________ (fill in the blank with just about any word) and you’re sexy to your husband.
  • It’s much more difficult for a husband to be sexy. Why? Women are emotionally drive, so… A husband has to emotionally connect with his wife for him to be sexy. [insert panicked emoji face here]
  • How can a husband be a sexy husband:
    • Touch your wife in non-sexual ways. I’m told there is such a thing. Haha! I’m kidding. Hold her hand. Hug her…keep your hands above the waist. Put your arm around her. Touch her just because you’re glad she’s next to you.
    • Listen to your wife. Actually listen to each words she says while you’re making eye contact. You can do it!
    • Play with your kids. Get on the floor or go outside with them.
    • Help her around the house. Yep, clean or organize something.
    • Make her life easier in some way. Ask her.
  • Being a sexy husband takes work. It can feel like…and be…difficult work. But it’s worth it…you know what I mean. And she’s worth it. And the future of your marriage is worth it.