Being A Sexy Husband Is Much More Difficult Than Being A Sexy Wife

  • Wives, you don’t have it easy in most areas of life. But when it comes to being sexy, you have it easier than husbands. You win!
  • Why do wives have it easier when it comes to being sexy? Men are physically driven, so… A wife just has to look at her husband. Just walk by her husband. Just wake up in the morning. Just ________ (fill in the blank with just about any word) and you’re sexy to your husband.
  • It’s much more difficult for a husband to be sexy. Why? Women are emotionally drive, so… A husband has to emotionally connect with his wife for him to be sexy. [insert panicked emoji face here]
  • How can a husband be a sexy husband:
    • Touch your wife in non-sexual ways. I’m told there is such a thing. Haha! I’m kidding. Hold her hand. Hug her…keep your hands above the waist. Put your arm around her. Touch her just because you’re glad she’s next to you.
    • Listen to your wife. Actually listen to each words she says while you’re making eye contact. You can do it!
    • Play with your kids. Get on the floor or go outside with them.
    • Help her around the house. Yep, clean or organize something.
    • Make her life easier in some way. Ask her.
  • Being a sexy husband takes work. It can feel like…and be…difficult work. But it’s worth it…you know what I mean. And she’s worth it. And the future of your marriage is worth it.

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