Make Less Decisions

  • I make better decisions when I make fewer decisions.” – Shauna Niequist in Present Over Perfect

  • Every decision you make…and you make hundreds each day…takes effort. You only have so much effort to give. You feel that tension daily.
  • So how can you make fewer decisions each day?
    • Have less stuff.
    • Say yes to less.
    • Know what you like and stick to those things.
    • Make decisions before you have to make decisions.
  • This may sound boring, but the fewer decisions you make means the more effort you have for…
    • relationships.
    • your health.
    • rest.
    • the decisions you truly need to make.

What To Do When Your Child Lies To You

  • If your child has not lied to you… They cannot talk yet, they’re really good at lying, or you are not paying attention. The question is not: Is your child going to lie to you?
  • The question is: How will you respond when your child lies to you?
  • When your child lies to you, here are some ideas:
    • Act more sad than mad.
    • Act surprised. You never expected them to lie because you trust them.
    • Emphasize the importance of trust in your family.
    • Talk about how lying damages relationships…and relationships are the most important thing in your family.
    • Ask if they wanted to tell the truth but found it really difficult to do so…that’s often the case.
    • Come up with an appropriate consequence. Lying should result in a negative consequence…or even better…a consequence that makes the damaged relationship better.
    • Forgive them out loud.
    • Love them out loud.

Tell Your Child To Go Fix Their Own Problems

  • Your child is 100% dependent upon you when they are a baby. Of course, they are.
  • The problem happens when they are 100% dependent upon you after they’re a baby.
  • We smile and roll our eyes at them when they “need” us…and then solve their problems for them.
  • Let’s be honest…some of us like it when our child needs us. So we do things for them, solve problems, etc. that they are more than capable of doing themselves.
  • As your child grows older, they will depend on you as much as you let them.
  • You have to teach your child to not depend on you for every little thing.
  • Even at a young age, tell them things like:
    • I know you can do it.
    • You are smart and can figure out a way to solve that problem.
    • You are good at solving problems.
    • You can do that yourself.