You Are Controlling Your Child And It’s Hurting You Both

  • We all control our kid’s life to some degree…some of us do it on purpose and some of us are not even aware.
  • Let’s be selfish. Controlling their life takes a lot of physical and emotional energy out of you. Energy you should be using elsewhere. Here’s a post about that.
  • When you control your kid, you are…
    • making them lazy.
    • making them unprepared for their next phase…preschool, school age, tween years, adolescence, college, adulthood.
    • turning them into an adult who won’t be able to adult.
  • How can you control your child less?
    • Let them do difficult things.
    • Let them fail.
    • Let them experience consequences.
    • Let them feel uncomfortable.
    • Let them solve their own problems.
    • Let them experience bad things.
  • You can do it! You can still be there for them. Show them guidance and love instead of control.

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