What To Do When Your Child Gets Their Bad Behavior From You

  • It’s inevitable. Your child will do something that makes you mad or sad…and you’ll realize they got that behavior from you…the need to always be right, procrastination, gossip, a temper, sarcasm, messiness, not listening well, being a rule-breaker, etc.
  • Don’t make excuses for or ignore their behavior that comes from you.
  • And don’t be a hypocrite creating negative consequences for your kid’s behavior while you do the same thing.
  • How do you respond when your child messes up and they’re just repeating your behavior?
    • Be open with them. Let them know that they got that behavior from you (via genetics or copying.) But that does not make it okay.
    • When your child does something that is not good, there should be negative consequences because of that behavior. Even if they got it from you.
    • If you still do this behavior, stop! Let them see you changing and improving.
    • Share with them how that behavior has hurt you and others in the past.
    • Only if this is true…tell them how you’ve worked on changing or stopping that behavior. Tell them about the positive consequences you’ve experienced.

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