4 Ways To Make This Summer Your Family’s Best Summer

  • The start of summer means the start of a new season for your family.
  • Seasons begin and end whether we want them to or not…whether we’re ready or not.
  • When you embrace every season, you can make the most of every season.
  • This summer…
    1. go a new pace…change something about your schedule.
    2. find a new place…visit somewhere you’ve never been.
    3. have a new conversation…ask a new question, talk about something new.
    4. do a new activity…try something you’ve never tried.

How To Make Better Decisions For Your Child

  • You will make thousands of decisions for your child as they grow up.
  • Your decisions affect the decisions your child will make and the adult they will become. How’s that for pressure?!
  • If you’re really honest with yourself, you often make these decisions based on…
    • fear
    • comparison
    • how you feel in the moment
    • expectations
    • keeping up with the {you know the family we’re talking about}
  • Decisions based on in-the-moment emotions are not the best decisions.
  • Decisions based on a preferred destination are better decisions.
  • What is your preferred destination for your child…who do you want them to become?
  • Knowing where you want them to end up will make your decisions today easier.

Laugh At Yourself…Often

  • Let’s be honest…even when we dads are trying to be serious, we’re actually pretty funny.
  • The things we say. The things we do. How we say and do what we do.
  • It’s good for us to develop the habit of laughing at ourselves.
  • And let’s be honest…your kid is probably laughing at you from time to time…probably a lot of the time.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Laugh at yourself in front of your child. Teach them the habits of humility and humor.

Are You Busy Because You Have To Be Or Because You Want To Be

  • We are busy because we have to be busy only if someone is forcing things on our calendar.
  • For just about all of us, no one is forcing us to be busy. But it doesn’t feel that way.
  • Why do we choose to be busy when one of our biggest complaint is we are too busy? Being busy…
    • causes us to avoid relationship conflicts we need to resolve.
    • eliminates the silence we need to think…about ourselves, our families, life, God, etc. Silence scares most of us.
    • makes us feel like we’re significant. After all, a full calendar is an important calendar, right?
    • causes us to think we’re okay. It does not give us the margin to evaluate ourselves and get better.
    • means we do not have time to have real conversations with the important people in our lives.
    • is easy because everyone else is busy. And our goal for a lot of years has been to fit in, right?
  • So…why are you choosing to be busy? What are you avoiding or hiding from?
  • Stop complaining about being busy and take ownership of your schedule and your life.