Are You Busy Because You Have To Be Or Because You Want To Be

  • We are busy because we have to be busy only if someone is forcing things on our calendar.
  • For just about all of us, no one is forcing us to be busy. But it doesn’t feel that way.
  • Why do we choose to be busy when one of our biggest complaint is we are too busy? Being busy…
    • causes us to avoid relationship conflicts we need to resolve.
    • eliminates the silence we need to think…about ourselves, our families, life, God, etc. Silence scares most of us.
    • makes us feel like we’re significant. After all, a full calendar is an important calendar, right?
    • causes us to think we’re okay. It does not give us the margin to evaluate ourselves and get better.
    • means we do not have time to have real conversations with the important people in our lives.
    • is easy because everyone else is busy. And our goal for a lot of years has been to fit in, right?
  • So…why are you choosing to be busy? What are you avoiding or hiding from?
  • Stop complaining about being busy and take ownership of your schedule and your life.

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