When Are Your Insecurities Affecting Your Child?

  • An insecure kid becomes an insecure teen who becomes an insecure adult who becomes an insecure dad. That’s you and me.
  • You walk around with insecurities. Are you aware of and honest about them?
  • You unintentionally project your insecurities onto your kid…
    • the schedule you create
    • the clothes you make them wear
    • how you use alcohol
    • how and why you eat
    • how you talk to your child
    • how you react when your child does or says something
    • the pressure you put on your kid to succeed at sports, academics, the arts, etc.
  • Help yourself and your kid by talking about your insecurities with a friend, mentor, small group, or counselor. Getting your insecurities out of the dark gives them less control over you and your kid.
  • Insecurities that stay in the dark become dangerous to you and your kid.

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