Dads With Addictions

  • An addiction cannot be stopped…or so it feels.
  • An addiction feels like a pleasure…but it’s really a way of coping.
  • An addiction controls you…even though you might think you control it.
  • An addiction is kept a secret…from someone.
  • Your addiction is affecting your current relationship with your child…even though you may think it is not.
  • It may prevent a future relationship with your child.
  • If you are a dad with an addiction…
    • Get it out of the darkness and into the light…tell someone who will help you get help.
    • Get help…you cannot stop on your own.
    • Realize your addiction has consequences.
    • Ask for forgiveness.
    • Realize it will take time, effort, and changes to stop your addiction.
  • If you know a dad with an addition, help them today!

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