Pornography Is Okay Because You Know A Lot Of People Looking At It

  • We think… Pornography is okay. It’s normal. It’s harmless. After all, we know men who look at it…married couples who look at it…and, yes, women who look at it.
  • But… Pornography is not okay. What really happens when you look at it?
    • It turns your sex life into a script to be acted out.
    • It causes you to parent with a secret.
    • It objectifies the gender you’re looking at causing you to become cold towards them.
    • It makes you idealize the person you’re looking at…and no one (your spouse, significant other, etc.) can live up to the dream you’ve made up.
    • It controls you. You do not control it.
  • If you’re looking at pornography…
    • Tell someone immediately. Secrets only hurt you and your child.
    • Take drastic measures to stop.
    • Set up guardrails to prevent you from looking at it again.

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