Dads Thrive At Work But Survive At Home And How To Fix That

  • Too many of us dads put in more effort at work than we do at home. Not good. But it makes sense. Work is easier for us.
    • We get desirable results fast at work.
    • We get short-term wins at work.
    • We get less honest feedback at work.
    • We get training and development at work.
  • The opposite is true at home:
    • We have to wait (maybe years) for results.
    • The wins come after a lot of effort and time.
    • We get honest, real-time feedback at home.
    • We’re never truly prepared for being a dad at any stage.
  • How can you fix this? How can you thrive at home too?
    • Save some of your energy for home.
    • Have a plan at home.
    • Set goals for home.
    • Get some training or mentoring from another dad.
  • You will be replaced at work. You can never be replaced in your role as dad.

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