Help Your Child Conquer Their Fears

  • What is your child afraid of?
    • heights
    • clowns
    • the dark
    • swings
    • dogs
    • the unknown
  • Help them overcome their fears…
    • Let your kid know it’s ok to have fears. Let them know what you’re afraid of.
    • Stand next to them while they face their fear. But don’t conquer their fear for them.
    • Encourage them. Let them know that you believe in them.
    • Help them believe that they can do hard things.
    • Celebrate when they conquer a fear.
    • When they face a new fear, remind them of the times in the past when they conquered a fear.
  • Lead them to become teens and adults who face and overcome their fears.

Your Secret Is Hurting You And Your Kid

  • What do you do that you do not want anyone to find out about?
  • Things kept in the dark are dangerous for you and your child.
  • Things kept in the dark control you…even if you think you control them.
  • Things kept in the dark are hurting you…even if you think they’re helping you.
  • “It won’t hurt anyone as long as they don’t find out.” is a lie.
  • The sooner you bring what you’re doing to the light, the less consequences there will be.

How To Know If You’re A Successful Dad

  • Your kid is sitting in the dirt playing with rocks or…watching Netflix or…playing backyard football in the rain or…FaceTiming with a friend or…doing homework or…
  • How do you know if you’re being a successful dad?
  • If you define success one of these ways, you’re not going to be successful:
    • Your kid is happy. If your kid’s emotions determine your success, well, good luck with that.
    • Your kid has more than you did when you were young. Whenever stuff is your measure of success, you will never have enough stuff.
    • Your kid gets to experience everything that comes their way. Experiences are great and often create memories. But too many experiences can create kids who do not know how to be content with normal life.
    • Your kid tries to be perfect. When your goal is an imaginary goal, you will miss it every time.
  • If you define success one of these ways, you’re going to be successful:
    • Your kid is living out the values you fight for in your family.
    • Your kid is moving towards independence when they reach 12th grade.
    • Your kid is not stressed out by the pressures of school, athletics, relationships, creative arts, work, home life, etc.
    • Your kid is growing in self-awareness.

It’s Okay To Think Your Kid Is A Little Better Than They Really Are

  • It’s a good thing to think your kid is a little better than they really are.
  • Don’t you want them to think you’re a little better parent than you really are?
  • Bad things happen, though, when you think your kid…
    • is worse than they really are.
    • is a lot better than they really are.
  • When you think your kid is a little better than they really are, you…
    • believe the best about them.
    • give them the benefit of the doubt.
    • can still see them as they truly are.
    • will go to bat for them at the right times.
    • will can build a genuine relationship with them.